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Lion Dennis Kemp elected TLC Director - North 2024

The Mission:
To provide, without charge, a camp for children with physical disabilities, vision/hearing impairments and diabetes from the State of Texas


The Goal: 
To provide an atmosphere where campers learn the "can do" philosophy and achieve maximum personal growth and self-esteem.

Lago Vista Lions ready to serve

Derek Kemp had a great
time at TLC!

Derek with his parents,
Lions Dennis Kemp and Chelaine Marion


Don't forget the birds!

When Planning Your Legacy...
Please consider the Texas Lions Camp

To find out more, simply click on the boxes to the left

OK! It's the counselors' turn to get a bath courtesy of the kids!!

Who Qualifies for TLC?
Children from Texas, ages 7 - 16 with Type 1 Diabetes, special physical needs, whether those needs are visible or not, and vision/hearing impairments.

How and when to apply:
Go to the website and apply online the first week of January each year or as soon as possible thereafter.

Contact Information:
Ask any Lion for more information, or call:
Dennis Kemp (Chairperson) at 915-471-1104 
We serve. We Make a Difference

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