TLC?  Tender Loving Care?
At Texas Lions Camp!

The Mission:
To provide, without charge, a camp for children with physical disabilities, vision/hearing impairments and diabetes from the State of Texas


The Goal: 
To provide an atmosphere where campers learn the "can do" philosophy and achieve maximum personal growth and self-esteem.

Lago Vista Lions ready to serve

Derek Kemp had a great
time at TLC!

Derek with his parents,
Lions Dennis Kemp and Chelaine Marion


Don't forget the birds!

Lions serving up fun

OK! It's the counselors' turn to get a bath courtesy of the kids!!

Who Qualifies for TLC?
Children from Texas, ages 7 - 16 with Type 1 Diabetes, special physical needs, whether those needs are visible or not, and vision/hearing impairments.

How and when to apply:
Go to the website and apply online the first week of January each year or as soon as possible thereafter.

Contact Information:
Ask any Lion for more information, or call:
Connie Zschoche (Chairperson) or Don Zschoche (Co-chairperson) at (951) 313-8005 
We serve. We Make a Difference