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In 1925 Helen Keller, who overcame incredible obstacles to learn to communicate with the seeing and hearing world, issued a challenge to the Lions Club to become the “knights of the blind.” Ever since one of the Lions’ major fields of service has been vision, and one of the major initiatives has been the collection of used eyeglasses which they destine for a second life to help the less fortunate.

The Lago Vista Lions Club committed itself to the initiative years ago. On a monthly basis we collect used eyeglasses in locations ranging from collection boxes located in public areas, to the library to optometrist’s and ophthalmologist’s offices. We have collected over 60,000 pairs for recycling.

We collect the eyeglasses, sort through them to eliminate extraneous items as well as broken frames, missing lenses, etc. Then we pack them and ship them to the Texas Lions Recycling Center in Midland, Texas. The technicians in the Center carefully clean them and subsequently read the prescriptions with lensometers. They then classify and organize them into collections which they offer to qualified groups that organize medical missions to poverty stricken areas.

Those medical missions then set up in an area and offer free eye exams and attempt to match the prescriptions read by the Center, to the patients’ needs. While the match may not be perfect in many cases, they are able to immensely improve the patient's ability to see, which often gives him a new lease on life.

Lions have long been dedicated to helping the blind and visually impaired. As a matter of fact, Hellen Keller famously challenged us to be "The Knights of the Blind", and we have taken that challenge seriously. To see more, click on this URL:

  We collect at a variety of locations around the north shore area and Cedar Park.  Locations include:

A: City of Lago Vista (Purple "Mail Box")

B: Lago Vista Public Library

C: Lowe's Market (Purple "Mail Box")

D: North Shore Eyecare

E: Lago Vista Animal Clinic

F: Jonestown City Hall (Development Services)

G: Cedar Park Eyecare

H: VisionWorks (Lakeline Mall)

I: Balcones Eyecare

J: Texas Family Eyecare

K: Cedar Park Vision

L: Texas State Optical

N: Texas Vision

O: Avery Ranch Eye Care

P: Parmer Eye Care

Q: Sam's Club

R: Sam's Club

S: America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses


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