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Smokin' for Charity!

Our Club owns a serious BBQ trailer and a Service trailer that we use several times a year to cook incomparable barbeque and support community events. We always sell out, and the profits go to charity to help our neighbors.

Pit Master Lion John Spoerlein (left) and Smoke Master Don Zschoche fire up the equipment and the BBQ team to Smoke for Charity

The crew tends the fire night and day for the perfect brisket

Before any cooking gets done, we have to prep the briskets, the ribs, the pork loins, and the turkey breasts. Then the meats go to the big smokers or the electric smokers for that special Lion flavor, and the result is YUM!

We advertise and pre-sell our meats. As soon as they are done, we seal them up and folks pick them up hot off the grill.

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