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Message in a Bottle

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Lions Sue & Dick Weatherly

Lion Sue Weatherly took a terrific idea to her husband, Dick Weatherly. After thinking about her idea, Lion Dick started taking it to other people, and everyone agreed that it is a great idea, and he won support from local businesses as well as first responders and other community focused organizations.

Often in emergency situations first responders are faced with the reality that their best guess is all that stands between a return to health or tragedy. Message in a Bottle is a simple concept that helps weigh heavily on the side of a return to health.

The free package includes a large pill bottle, information sheet(s), and a magnet for your fridge that alerts first responders to look in the freezer for the Message in a Bottle that contains all of the information that they sorely need to help.

The Lions Club of Lago Vista is kicking off this life-saving effort by offering hundreds of Message in a Bottle packages for free, while supplies last.

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