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L-R Shane Saum, Lily Woodburn, Bella Dreibrodt, Sadie Stark, Ruby Rees, Emily Caperton, Declan Stevenson & Catherine Van Arnam, Director of Communication (Sara Bush on camera)

Lago Vista LEOs Visit The State Capitol and Meet With LV State Legislators


On April 11th, the Lago Vista LEOs visited the Texas State Capitol with our gracious host and fellow LV Lion Shane Saum.  In addition to being one of the advisors of the  LEOs, Shane serves on the City of Lago Vista’s Economic Development Advisory  Committee and is employed as Director of Regulatory and Governmental Affairs for  PrizePicks, a fantasy sports company.


We (advisors Sara Bush and Bill Bush along with the LEOs) met in the Rotunda of the Capitol, where Shane reviewed some interesting information about the Capitol’s construction, facilities, and artwork.   Our first stop was at the office of Lago Vista’s legislative representative, Ellen Troxclair in the new underground office building attached to the Capitol.  At the time, Representative  Troxclair was engaged on the floor in the final debate on HB 249 (School Security) and was not available.  Fortunately, her Chief of Communications, Catherine Van Arnam,  was on hand and was very generous with her time in giving the LEOs a tour of Rep.  Troxclair’s office and answering the LEO’s substantial questions about the work of the legislature, internships, and life as a representative with bi-annual legislative sessions.  (Texas is one of only 4 states that meet bi-annually.)

 From Rep. Troxclair's office, the group hiked up the stairs to and through the Senate gallery, where the Lieutenant Governor was presiding over legislative deliberations, and on to Senator Donna Campbell’s office.  Senator Campbell, an emergency room physician, has served as Senator of our district since 2012.  She was very personable and engaged the LEOs about their work as well as that of the LV Lions Club.  Since the  Senator had left the Senate floor during active deliberations her time with us was brief,  although while with us, she remained laser-focused on the LEOs.

 After leaving Senator Campbell, the group passed back through the Senate Chambers,  across the rotunda, and over to the House of Representatives on the opposite side of the Capital.  The LEOs sat for some time and watched proceedings in the House.  Shane provided commentary and insights to the group as HB 249 went to the final vote and passed.

 The LEOs were fortunate to have visited the Capitol when the legislature was in session. They were able to witness firsthand the debate and final vote of an important  Bill that affects their lives as students.  They met with their state Senator and had an extended discussion with the office staff of their Representative.  Our profound thanks go out to Senator Campbell, Representative Troxclair, and to Shane Saum for being our kind and informative host.

Senator Campbell (Center) joins the LEOs

Senator Cambell answers questions

Shane explains the progress of the Bill

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