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From February 4, 2023


A Real Car Load
Olivia, Maddy & Makaila
On Saturday, December 17 the Leos held a food drive on behalf of the local Lago Vista food pantry which is organized and operated by Marcia Werner.  LEOs Olivia Smith, Maddy Inman, and Makaila Monauni were on hand asking shoppers to add to their own shopping lists by buying additional items for our needy neighbors.  The four-hour food drive resulted in 20 boxes(!) of cereals, canned foods, dried foods, pastas, baby supplies, and some paper products plus $220 in cash donations!  Marcia came right to the Lowes parking lot and picked up the items.   With emotion she commented, "I wish the LEOs could see the reaction on peoples' faces when they receive these food donations.  They are all so vey grateful!"

Thank you to
Lowes for hosting and great job Lago Vista LEOs!!  You've demonstrated the true meaning of Christmas - giving to others.
Do you know a young person who would like to join (maybe it's YOU!)? Here is the Application
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