Lion of the Year

Lion Kevin Sullivan

Lion of the Year

Singling out Lion Kevin’s major contribution this year is extremely difficult as he was truly involved.  Examples of his involvement included, but are not limited to, he

·         Consistently promoted club activities through our club and district newsletters, club website, club FaceBook page and included a special GoFundMe page.

·         Participated in all Board meetings and most business and program meetings.

·         Participated in all fundraising events.

·         Donated blood 4 in out of 5 events.

·         Worked on Road Clean Up 8 out of 11 times.

Besides his participation in activities, his stepping to the forefront in the crisis resulting from the big freeze stands out.  Along with Lion Mike Zaydel, Kevin served as liaison between us and St. Vincent de Paul in the distribution of benefits; he also was responsible for bringing in the Boy Scouts to help in the efforts to help our citizens and clean up our community.  Next year, in addition to holding the Communications Chair, Kevin will take over administration of our website.  Kevin is certainly an exemplary Lion.

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