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Lion of  the
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Jul - Sep 2023

Shad Pelizzarri

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Oct - Dec 2023

Don Johndrow


Jan - Mar 2024

Jerry Nilsson-Weiskott

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Apr - Jun 2024


Bill Bush
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Bill Bush’s contributions this quarter have been crucial to the seamless operation of our club. His active participation in events such as the Road Warriors, Leos Club support, the golf tournament, silent auction soliciting, and district meetings showcases his unwavering dedication and versatility. Leading the quality assessment project, he paved the way for significant improvements, reflecting his commitment to fostering growth and enhancing our community outreach. As head of the nominating committee, Bill successfully recruited capable members to key positions, including the 2nd VP, new leaders for the golf tournament, and the Peace Poster initiative. Additionally, he reinstituted and staffed two voting Director positions on the Board of Directors. Bill also attended the Round Rock O&Mathon, and submitted online solicitation requests from over 60 vendors.  His tireless efforts have substantially impacted this quarter, making him an exemplary candidate for Lion of the Quarter.

Sara Bush
Bush, Sara.png

Sara Bush’s unwavering dedication to the Lions and the LEOs Clubs and her educational commitment has been inspirational over the past quarter. Her active participation in the Board of Directors meetings has played a crucial role in shaping our strategic direction. Sara’s dedication to the LEOs Club is particularly noteworthy. Her administrative work on the Lion Portal, organizing Leo awards, and welcoming new members highlight her leadership and commitment to fostering a strong community. Her involvement in the Road Warriors further underscores her active engagement in our club’s activities. Sara’s commitment to supporting educational opportunities shines brightly through her work with the scholarships committee. Her hands-on support at the O & Mathon at Round Rock, a track meet for the visually impaired, and other activity advisement and guidance are a testament to her passion for service projects and dedication to the LCI Youth global cause. Her meticulous record-keeping for LEOs Club and contributions to the golf tournament demonstrate her organizational skills and diligence. Sara’s diverse contributions over the past quarter have enriched our organization and set a powerful example of service, leadership, and dedication to education, making her an exemplary Lion of the Quarter nominee.

Brenda Elliott
Elliott, Brenda (2)_edited.jpg

Brenda Elliott has been a pillar of strength in our organization this past quarter and an unwavering guiding light. Her active participation in committee discussions has brought strategic insights, confidently shaping our future. Her involvement in events like Lago Fest, where our club hosts an annual booth, and the golf tournament has been instrumental in their success, strengthening our community ties. Behind every smooth operation and informed decision, Brenda’s comprehensive support has been a constant. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to anticipate needs have enhanced our effectiveness. Brenda’s commitment to our mission resonates in every task she undertakes, setting a high standard for all of us. Brenda’s contributions this quarter underscore the transformative power of individual commitment and serve as a compelling call to action for us all to strive for excellence in our service to the community

Jeff Koble
Koble, Jeff_edited.jpg

Jeff Koble’s leadership and communication skills have been pivotal to our organization’s progress this quarter. As President, his consistent outreach through emails, texts, and calls has kept our administration cohesive and responsive. His presence at membership and Board of Directors meetings and his significant contributions to the silent auction and golf tournament reflect his hands-on approach and commitment to our club’s activities. Jeff’s involvement in presenting scholarships at the Blue and Gold Ceremony and participating in the District Convention, where he engaged in training, elections, and awards presentations, highlights his dedication to youth development and inter-club collaboration. His efforts have strengthened our internal operations and extended our impact within the community, setting a standard for leadership and service.

Don Loeschner

Don Loeschner has truly exemplified dedication this quarter. His pivotal role in the Budget Committee and his warm presence as a bartender have ensured our club’s financial stability and created a welcoming environment for all. His leadership in the Blood Drive has been remarkable, touching multiple lives and displaying our shared commitment to service. His standout contribution, however, lies in the field of vision health. His state certification and active participation in the Spot Eye Testing refresher course have enabled our club to conduct essential vision screenings for over 800 local students annually. This is a testament to his commitment to our community’s well-being and the LCI Vision global cause. Beyond these roles, Don has shown adaptability through his involvement in activities like the Silent auction and Road Warriors, further highlighting his unwavering dedication to our mission. Don’s tireless efforts and commitment serve as an inspiration to us all. They embody the spirit of our club, reminding us of the significant impact one person can make when they are committed to service. His work this quarter motivates us all to strive for excellence in our service to the community. It’s a testament to the power of dedication and a reminder of the positive change we can bring when we commit ourselves to service.

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