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Lion of  the
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Jul - Sep 2022

Don Johndrow


Oct - Dec 2022

Julie McCreary

Jan - Mar 2023

Gerald Nilsson-Weiskott

Apr - Jun 2023 Tie!

Brenda Elliott & Dick Weatherly

Dick Weatherly

Actively Involved With Recruiting New Members As Membership Chair (3 Net New Members Since 2/1/23).
Extensively Involved As Co-Chair (With David Williams) Of Golf Tournament: Planning Meetings, Obtaining Sponsors,
Providing Tents/Tables/Chairs, Determining & Staffing On-Course Activities, Coordination With LVGC/Bunkers Grill,
Etc. All Club/Board Meetings, One Budget & One Nominating Committee Meeting.

Anna Johndrow

Responsible For Photography & Club Newsletters As Part Of Marketing/Communications Effort. Produced
Three Monthly Newsletters For Members/District Publicity. Worked Golf Tournament. Five Club Meetings.


Chairman (With Connie) Of Hospitality Committee, Responsible For Procuring Beverages/Supplies & Serving
Members @ All Meetings, Chairman Of Blood Drive – Promotion/Advertising/Recruitment, Manned 4/15/23 Blood
Drive, Worked LagoFest Vendor Set-Up, All Club/Budget Meetings & All Road Clean-Ups, Worked The Golf

Brenda Elliott

Performs The Extensive Duties Of Club Secretary Thoroughly But Selflessly Without Seeking Recognition,
Completes All Required Reports To District & LCI, Minutes For All Board Meetings (Apr-Jun). Worked At LagoFest
Vendor Set-Up. Worked Golf Tournament Set-Up, Registration, Beverage Cart, Clean-Up. All Club/Board/Budget

Sara Bush

Extensive Involvement As LEO Club Advisor: Administration, Texas Capital Visit (4/11/23), LagoFest Face-
Painting (4/22/23), LEOs’ Meetings. Member Of Scholarship Committee, Worked The Golf Tournament, All
Club/Board Meetings, Road Clean-Up (4/8/23).

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