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Lago Vista Lions Club
Quality Assessment

     Tell us what you think!  The LV Lions Club Board would like your feedback on how the club is doing so we've put together a survey in 3 parts to help us collect some good ideas from members of the club.
     This is your chance to put forward your best ideas on attracting and retaining new members, improving our engagement with the Lago Vista community, and doing more with humanitarian causes.
     Links to each of the 3 parts of the survey are shown below.   We'd really like your ideas in all 3 areas so be sure to click through to each one and at the end of each survey click submit to register your input.  Your name is optional, so if you'd like your ideas to remain anonymous, that's ok too.  Thanks for taking these few minutes to help improve our Club....because it's together WE SERVE!!
Survey Part I  -   Membership
Survey Part II -   Community Engagement
Survey Part III -  Humanitarian Service
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